Why Is My Shower Head Leaking (All Reasons With Solutions)

Taking a shower is an important part of daily routine and with the daily use of shower heads, you might start facing issues in your bathroom equipment, especially the shower head as they tend to malfunction and may cause leakages. This article will guide you through “why is my shower head leaking”.

why is my shower head leaking
why is my shower head leaking

In this article, we will discuss major reasons that lead to shower leaking and how you can find the issue that is causing the shower leakage. You might be thinking why does my shower head drip and what can e done to fix it. In order to fix it, you should first try to find what is the reason for shower leakage.

Why Does My Shower Head Leak

There can be many reasons why your shower head is leaking and finding it will surely take time if you do not search for proper methods and we would like to request that you read this article carefully to understand what could be leading to shower leakage.

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Below we have discussed possible reasons why is my shower head dripping and you can read and act accordingly to know the cause that is leading to leakage of your shower head. So please read the article carefully and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

1. Inspect Your Shower Head

Detach your shower head from the shower arm and make sure you use a pair of pliers or any other appropriate tool to open it. After detaching it, Have a close look at shower head for any faults and make sure you inspect the worn washer or O-ring as it can lead to leakage surrounding the threads.

If the O ring or worn washer is causing the leakage to make sure you replace it with a new one. It might be possible that there are deposits or fillings in the inner parts of the shower heads which can e a major cause of slow shower spray shooting while taking bath and might be causing the drip.

After following the steps mentioned above, start reattaching the shower head to the shower arm and make sure you fix it correctly, neither tight nor loose to avoid any leakage through the threads. You can apply Plumber’s tape or thread sealant to fix the issue properly.

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2. Malfunctioned Shower Valve

If you have followed all the steps stated in step 1 mentioned above and still you are facing shower leakage issue then the problem can be really serious and it might be related to the shower Valve of your bathroom.

There is a very high probability that your shower valve is faulty and that is the reason for the leakage and this can e the reason because if your shower head is in right condition and if there is nothing wrong with the shower head then the association of problem is with Shower Valve.

The Shower valve can be causing a problem because of the fault in the cartridge or diverter. Even a worn-out faucet can cause the leakage to reach your shower head so make sure you get it fixed by a professional plumber to avoid any future leakages.


So with this we would like to complete our article and we hope it helps you in fixing your shower head leakages, just make sure you read the instructions told in the article carefully and you follow them properly and it will surely fix your leakage problem.

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