How To Cut A Hole In Tile For Shower Installation [3 Methods]

If you are searching for how to cut a hole in tile for shower then this article is for you.

Drilling a hole inside a tile can be a challenging job for anyone, but I promise you that if you read this article till the end then it will become an easy job for you.

This is obvious that you can’t install a shower valve in your bathroom without cutting a hole in the tile.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you different ways to cut a hole in tile for shower. 

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How To Cut A Hole In Tile for Shower

Method 1: Using a Drill Bit, Chisel And Hammer

In this method, we will use a drill machine to drill holes in a circular manner closer to each other and then we will pop out that circle using a chisel and hammer.

So let’s take a look at the procedure step by step.

Step 1: Drill holes in the form of a circle using 0.25 inches Masonry Drill Bit. First of all, put a piece of tape in the form of a circle on the tile and draw holes on it (Tape helps you to bit gain traction).

how to cut a hole in tile for shower
how to cut a hole in tile for shower

Don’t apply too much pressure and run the drill machine at the lowest speed possible.

If you see that the surface is overheating then you can put some water on it to prevent overheating issues

Step 2: Pop out the glazed bits between holes. That glaze will prevent the circle from falling ou that’s why we have to remove them.

Use a chisel to chisel out as much glaze as you can so that you can remove that circle in a comfortable manner.

If you don’t have chisel then you can buy it from here otherwise you can skip this step but it will make the next step more difficult.

Step 3: Gently tap on the edges of the circle by moving around the circle. Tap on the center as well and try to pop out the circle without spoiling it.

If you haven’t chiseled out the edges from the last step then keep tapping on the circle because it will take more time now.

cutting a hole in tile for shower
cutting a hole in tile for shower

The hole that you are going to obtain through this method may have rough edges but it will get covered by your shower so it will not be visible after installing the shower.

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Method 2: Using A Coping Saw To Cut Out A Hole 

Step 1: Draw a circle on the tile where you want to create the hole and then put a piece of tape on the edges of the circle to gain bit traction.

Make a hole on the edge of the circle using a masonry drill bit. Do not apply more pressure and keep the drill at low speed.

If your drill has a hammer action feature then make sure you turn it off before using the drill. We are going to insert the blade of coping saw through this hole so make sure that the hole is big enough.

cutting the hole in tile

Step 2: Clamp the tile on a worktable or fix it anywhere so that you can easily cut the hole. You can use a clamp to hold the tile in position so that it will shake while you use a coping saw.

Step 3: Take your coping saw and remove its blade from one side. Just unscrew the wing screw and the blade will pop out. Slide it from there but make sure not to cut yourself.

Make sure that you are using the right blade for cutting ceramic tiles. If don’t know which blade to use then ask on any hardware store and you will get one.

You can use protective gloves to prevent cuts.

Step 4: Now you have to insert the open side of the blade into that whole to meet the coping saw on the other side of the tile. After that just lock the blade in its position by tightening the wing screw.

Step 5: Now cut the circle out in using that coping saw. Keep cutting it until the circle falls off.

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Method 3: Cut Out The Hole Using A Hole Saw

This is the easiest method if you are searching for how to cut a hole in tile for shower.

Step 1: You have to place a piece of masking tape on to the tile surface because the tile surface is glossy and the drill may slip around. Masking tape helps the drill to gain traction on the tile.

Step 2: Using a smaller masonry drill bit, drill a pilot hole onto the tile. Before drilling the hole make sure your drill is on standard drilling means you are not using the hammer action if your drill has it.

Keep the drill at low speed and don’t apply much pressure. Let the drill do its work.


So these were my top 3 methods if you are were searching for how to cut a hole in tile for shower. Make sure you use the drill at a lower speed and don’t use hammer action to prevent any tile damage.

If you have any questions then you can ask them in the comment section below, I will try to reply to them as soon as possible.

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