Best Portable Shower Head For Square Bathtub Faucet (2020)

Everyone loves to take shower at home, and whenever it comes to shower heads then we have varieties of options available in the market. Today in this article I am going to show you a list of top 5 best portable shower head for square bathtub faucet.

There are different types of showers available in the market some are mounted on the wall to provide you a rainfall shower feel while some are flexible handheld showers that can help you to wash every part of your body.

Most of us have bathtubs installed in our bathroom and bathing inside a bathtub using a shower head is a great feeling. So if you are looking for the best portable shower head for square bathtub faucet then this article is for you.

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Best Portable Shower Head For Square Bathtub Faucet

This section will guide you through a list of top 5 best portable shower head for square bathtub faucet. Take a look at the list and choose your product wisely.

1. JiaYouJia Freestanding Bathtub Faucet with Handheld Sprayer


This is a quality bathtub shower from JiaYouJia made from lead-free solid brass. This is a freestanding tub faucet that features a streamline contemporary styling. It is very simple to operate and can be operated using a single lever style handle and a diverter button.

This has a high arc spout that looks really awesome and provides charm in your bathroom and its neck can be rotated for up to 360 degrees, which provides great convenience in your everyday usage.

It also has a handheld shower attached to it, which provides a professional bathing experience right inside your bathtub. The long hose attached wit it allows you to wash every part of your body easily.

The aerator sprout controls the straightness and diameter of the water flow and also reduces the noise. It comes with solid brass mounting brackets that are very easy to install on the concrete using the bolts provided.

All the installation material and hardware are included in the package so that you don’t have to buy them separately.

Quick Features

  • Solid brass body (Corrosion and rust-resistant)
  • Handheld shower with stainless steel
  • Flow rate 6 GPM for tub spout and 2 GPM for handheld shower
  • All mounting hardware and materials included

2. Vive Handheld Shower Head


This is an amazing shower head by Vivse specially designed for bathtubs. This shower head comes with multiple spray settings an a long tangle-free hose that provides you a feel of luxury shower at home.

You can easily switch it’s spray modes just with a single lever switch given on it and you can use the pause feature as well to maintain the water temperature. This portable handheld shower head is 4″ in diameter and all the materials that are required for its installation like brass nuts and Teflon plumbing tape come with this product, so you don’t have to buy it from the market.

This shower head from Vive comes with a universal connector and can easily fit with any standard shower plumbing fixture. This shower head features 5 different spray modes including bubble spray, massaging spray, and three more. The stainless steel hose is 6.5′ in length that allows you more convenience and flexibility.

Fitted with universal connections, the Vive handheld shower head easily fits any standard shower plumbing fixture.

Quick Features

  • 5 Spray Modes
  • Extra Long hose
  • Easy to use
  • Tool-free installation

3. Rozin Floor Mounted Tub Faucet Single Handle Swivel Spout Bathtub Filler Faucet with Hand Shower


A shower is said to be comfortable if it relaxes you and removes your stress every single day. This is a floor-mounted faucet and handheld shower combination specially designed for bathtubs that provides you a comfortable and enjoyable shower experience.

The water spout is a 360-degree rotatable that allows you to perform various activities in the bathtub. It fills bathtubs in a convenient manner without spreading water outside the tub. The whole system also feature a handheld shower which is made up of solid brass and attached with a 59 inches stainless steel hose for great movement.

The system contains a small knob that diverts the water flow from spout to shower and a lever that controls the temperature and flow control. It comes with all the material that is required at the time of installation like brass mounting brackets and expansion bolts. An installation guide is also included in the product for easy installation.

All in all if you are looking for the best portable shower head for square bathtub faucet then just go for it, I recommend you to but this one.


This was our list of top 5 best portable shower head for square bathtub faucet, we have included all the necessary information required to purchase these items. We always recommend you to do some research by your own before finalizing any shower unit.

If you want to go with our recommendation then we always recommend you to go with JiaYouJia Freestanding Bathtub Faucet with Handheld Sprayer because of its superior quality and multi-purpose property.

If you think that we have missed out some useful information the do let us know in the comment section below, we will try to help you out as soon as possible. Till then keep visiting our website.

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